HID’s Smart Card To Utilize FIDO2

In recognition of the new authentication standard developed by the FIDO Alliance, HID Global has announced a new HID Smart Card that will feature FIDO2 credentials in an effort to allow users to securely login to Microsoft Windows and other devitces.

Developed by the FIDO Alliance, the new FIDO2 authentication standards build upon previous installments. In short, the standard works to enhance and promote the facilitation logins via biometric and security key-based login methods. From web browsers to other applications, the FIDO2 standard simply provides more ways to connect in a more secure manner.

HID Global’s Brad Jarvis, the company’s Vice President and Managing Director of Identity & Access Management, notes that the addition of FIDO2 opens a door for multiple applications.

“This addition will put FIDO credentials into different form factors that HID delivers, including a smart card, an app on a phone, a USB dongle or other things,” Jarvis said. “FIDO2 can be leveraged to authenticate a wide range of applications that implement the standard and ensure interoperability, which is scalable and the vital ingredient for trusted identities everywhere.”

Want to find out more about the HID Smart Card or any of its other applications? Visit their official website at www.hidglobal.com. For your local Edge HID Global distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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