World’s First Magnetic Bulb Adapter for Easy Lightbulb Installation

The invention of the lightbulb by Thomas Edison in 1879 is one of the finest achievements of humanity. And now a magnetic bulb adapter that will allow the lightbulb to fix itself in place will make its mark on history.

Recently, a unique adapter was introduced by Magbulb to make changing lightbulbs even easier. It’s a plastic adapter that has two parts—one part is screwed into the lamp holder permanently while the other component gets attached to the holder like a magnet.

A Closer Look at the Magbulb Lightbulb Adapter

The new lightbulb adapter by Magbulb converts the bayonet on E26/27 (the screw thread) into a magnetic connection. This will help the users quickly replace broken bulbs to a different version or style, as needed.

The magnets used in the adapter are neodymium magnets that are heat-resistant and have a wide operating temperature range and provide a constant magnetic field. This ensures that the entire arrangement is non-combustible and fireproof.

According to the Magbulb team, “It’s been 141 years since Thomas Edison made one of the most significant inventions of the 19th century. Since then, humanity has made many more breakthroughs and advancements, but somehow, we did not progress much on changing light bulbs. Now, MagBulb involves science to make things easier on a daily basis, and we are shining the light on a brilliant new and affordable new way to re-light up your life.”

Safe and compatible

Magbulb adapter works with all E26/27 bulbs and sockets. It aims to enhance the safety of people by reducing the number of falls caused while changing a lightbulb when standing on the top of a ladder.

Want to Add Magbulb Adapters to Your Home?

Making the trend of plug-and-play for lighting design easily accessible, Magbulb is now available to back via Kickstarter. The company claims that it is the right solution for people with arthritis and disabilities who find it tough to change the bulbs.

Before we know it, this fantastic product might be available from your favorite electronics stores online and everywhere!

So, would you like to have these adapters in your home? Do let us know in the comments below. We’re excited about this recent development!

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