Hikvision Showcases Latest Innovative Technologies at Intersec 2020

Intersec 2020 was held between January 18 and 21 in Dubai, UAE. In this security exhibition, Hikvision showcased its latest innovative technologies to the delight of attendees.

The exhibition revealed that Hikvision is expanding on its emerging technologies and moving to a cross-industry application module.

Here, we’ll explore the four major categories of products that were announced in the emerging technology segment.

Multi-Dimensional Perception

Hikvision announced the introduction of a multi-dimensional perception concept in an attempt to take security measures to the next level. The company is trying to restructure the whole idea of security systems with a more enveloped protection mechanism.

Visitors at the booth were provided access to cameras that combine radar and video technology. Primarily, these cameras are designed for viewing objects that are beyond the normal range of vision. Traffic management is one of the many areas that these new features could help with.

Multi-Intelligence Cameras

Multi-intelligence cameras use multiple algorithms on the same camera. These smart cameras from Hikvision are capable of featuring in numerous factors and scenarios to get the most intelligent results.

Not only can these cameras cater to different situations by running many algorithms simultaneously, but they can also analyze the visual data that is captured by these devices. As a result, various objects like faces, vehicles, animals, bodies can be identified at the same time.

This category of products could help in the easy recognition and identification of vehicle type and car number plates, for example.

Thermal Cameras

While thermal cameras are not new, Hikvision plans to introduce its cost-effective versions in the market. Thermal cameras are short-ranged devices that can provide you with a vision of up to 230 feet (70 meters).

These thermal cameras are useful for perimeter protection of residential properties and office premises. They can also help prevent fire by giving the users a complete vision range.

Intelligent Vertical Solutions

The final concept exhibited by Hikvision refers to cameras designed with artificial intelligence made, especially for the vertical markets.

These cameras can help the retail industry in the wise management of video systems, NVRs, and intelligent cameras to gain perspective of the business’ statistics. They could also help in smart traffic management. These solutions will help in identifying the car license plates to facilitate traffic and parking lot management.

That’s Not All

Along with the technologies we discussed above, Hikvision also displayed several smart tools like facial recognition programs, alarm clocks, automotive electronics, cameras with ColorVu technology and more.

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