EZVIZ Unveils the First C3W Color Night Vision Camera

Wouldn’t it be great to have a night vision camera that shoots in color?

Black and white footage has been the standard ever since night vision security cameras were introduced. This style of filming captures movements and vague images in dark environments to protect you and your business.

Most of us have been pleased with the images produced from these devices for many years. Now, though, the time has come to change our perspective and introduce a little color to these night cameras!

This breakthrough in camera technology will enable the users to view colored pictures and videos in the dark for a complete security option.

What is the C3W Camera All About?

EZVIZ recently made history when it introduced the night vision WiFi camera. The EZVIZ C3W with color night vision is indeed a fascinating innovation. It gives a new definition of security to home and business owners alike.

The advantage of capturing colored images is to provide more clarity to the dark pictures. It can be challenging to identify black and white images from security cameras. It’s typically only movements that are detected and even then, without much clarity. The C3W has changed the landscape forever.

EZVIZ has an entire line of smart home products, each of which is designed to provide a more secure environment at home. But these devices are not limited to the residential spaces. The products from this line can effectively secure workplaces, stores, schools, hospitals, and so much more!

The idea is to create an internet of things (IoT) ecosystem based on a reliable cloud service system. This could change the way security systems are handled everwhere.

Specifics and Features

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Now, onto the details of the camera and its range of features:


The all-important IP67 certification makes this a useful device. It ensures that the camera can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas.

How do they do it? This fantastic feature is because the device is both dustproof and waterproof. This makes it suitable for use across different weather conditions and seasons.


The camera has a built-in microphone that facilitates communication. It also has a speaker, which enables a two-way dialogue. As a bonus, this camera also has a function to record video messages.

If you’re out of your house and want to talk to guests arriving at home, you could record a ten-second video message to welcome them. On the other hand, this could act as a reminder to intruders that you’re watching your property and noticing their actions.

Be it welcoming visitors or deterring them, this camera does both. You could record something as simple as “Hello, welcome to my house!” or “Hey there, I am watching you.” This could go a long way in fixing any security problems you have.


Next up is the set of spotlights fixed on the camera body. They’re designed to cast extra light on the environment so it can detect sharp, clear, colored pictures in dark backgrounds.

They can also be used as smart outdoor lighting in dark conditions. The spotlights can be turned on and off using your cellphone. And the best part? You can even adjust the brightness for different settings.

Alert Function

What happens if the camera notices something unusual, like intruders in your house? The C3W will immediately turn on a siren along with the two intense spotlights. This helps scare away intruders and informs you of the situation at the same time. The camera is so strong and clear that it can even identify the color of the clothes of the perpetrators.

In Conclusion

This level of detail and care in the C3W camera is fantastic. From the motion alert features to the 256GB storage and its compatibility with virtual voice assistants like Alexa, you can’t find a better deal!

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