5 Reasons You Need Wireless Home Alarm System

Wireless home alarms are part of smart home systems, and they promise a wide range of benefits for you and your loved ones. Some people are scared away because these products are new and they often come with a hefty price tag, but if you weigh the benefits, you’ll see that they’re worth every penny.

Here we present five top reasons why you should untether your old wired home alarm system and install a new wireless one:

5. A More Secure Home

With a wireless home alarm system, you buy more security and peace of mind. Most wireless systems come with a secure cellular connection that’s always online, providing real-time awareness. In the case of wired systems, the chances of them getting turned off are high if the wires suffer damage or someone turns them off intentionally or unintentionally.

The added security of a cellular connection is of great importance for parents who leave their children at home, for caretakers who watch over older people, and for anyone who wants a more secure home environment.

4. Easy to Install and Manage and Access

Wireless systems are incredibly easy to install. First, you’ll take it out of the box, turn it on, configure it with your smart home system and cell phone. Then you’re ready to mount it in a secure place, and you have a smart wireless security system installed on your home.

You can eliminate the process of wiring every component together and ensure they do not interrupt your daily life. Wireless systems are also easy to access. Whether you’re in your living room or 10,000 miles away from home, you can get notifications in real-time.

3. Easy to upgrade

A common complaint about wired home alarm systems is that they take a lot of effort if you want to upgrade. The smart home ecosystem is getting updated rapidly, both in terms of hardware and software. So when a new update for smart home systems comes, you have to update your alarm system too. Otherwise, you might run into compatibility or malfunctioning issues.

With wireless home alarm systems, you can update them with your smartphone. Since the alarm system is connected to a cellular network, software updates can even download automatically. 

2. Expand With Ease

If you expand your home or add rooms, you’ll probably want to protect the new areas as well. And thankfully, with wireless alarm systems, you can add additional space to your protection with ease.

These systems can expand wirelessly to cover a range of up to 50 to 60 meters. And if that doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you may install new alarm system components and connect them to your central WiFi network.

1. Low Maintenance Cost

Once you have installed a wireless alarm system, you won’t have to worry about maintenance any time soon. Built-in batteries can last for five years or more. And since most of the system remains stationary, the batteries will not suffer any wear and tear, further reducing maintenance costs.

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