Four Ways to Improve Data Center Efficiency

In a world where keeping a consumer’s interest is fast becoming a cost-intensive affair, businesses are exploring new ways to become more efficient in other areas to balance the cash flow and improve the bottom line. One such area is data centers.

Our lives are increasingly dependent on the digital world, and data is the tool that allows us to provide better products and services for it. In short, data centers are more important than ever. Often, data centers are under heavy scrutiny for improving efficiency and performance.

Data Center Energy Consumption

Graph showing data center energy consumption

Datacenter managers can reduce cost overload by implementing specific, tested measures. Here are four top ways to boost efficiency:

1) Reduce Dependency on Cooling Systems

Since data centers process a massive amount of data every second, the equipment releases a lot of heat. For proper functioning, it must remain at a specific temperature. Efficiently cooling the room and maintaining proper airflow are both essential for reaching optimal temperatures. Thus, a good part of expenses usually come from cooling equipment. Thankfully, the following measures can lower this expense:

  • Opting for a streamlined airflow within the rooms
  • Removing unnecessary components
  • Replacing old technology with updated versions
  • Installing air economizers

2) Find the Optimal Temperature

Since cooling is so vital for the optimum functioning of a data center, most managers are not willing to find out the best temperature. There’s also a dearth of research when it comes to analyzing the role of optimal temperature in the data center. Increasing the temperature only by a few degrees can save you a lot of money. Experimenting with the temperature at your center and identifying the optimal settings could cut costs more than you might expect.

3) Optimize Space

Most data servers built before the concept of server virtualization took root take up a lot of space. Opting for a modular design, however, can help you optimize the space your equipment demands. Modular designs allow you to change the layout according to your needs.

4) Remove Zombie Servers

Zombie servers are servers that were once created for a specific use and then were left behind. According to research, close to 25% of physical servers and over 30% of virtual servers fall under this category. These servers still consume energy. It’s essential to root out these servers and turn them off to save energy.

Apart from these tips, managers can look for other ways to improve data center efficiency and the business’s bottom line.

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