How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Smartphones have become an essential part of the life we live in today’s society. Between entertainment, mobile offices, navigation, and everything else they do, smartphones are a big part of most people’s lives.

The average smartphone battery today packs a whopping 4,000 mAh. Yet we’re often left wanting more when we look at those quickly diminishing power bars.

If you’re often worried about your phone dying too quickly, here are a few things you can do to squeeze more power out of it:

Adjust the Brightness of Your Screen

Brightness is one of the prime reasons for your phone losing battery power. Setting your screen brightness to the maximum level drains your battery faster than anything else. There are two quick changes you can make in this situation.

Either you control the brightness manually or switch to the auto mode for screen dimming. This feature will help you reduce battery consumption by adjusting the brightness level according to your surroundings. You can also lower the amount of time that needs to pass before the screen turns off when you stop using the phone.

Switch Off Your Wi-Fi

Working on a Wi-Fi network instead of your phone’s data improves your speed and could reduce your phone bill. However, it isn’t as good for your phone’s battery. Keeping your Wi-Fi turned on even when you are not connected to one can quickly drain your battery power because your phone is always searching. It’s best to turn the Wi-Fi function off if you’re traveling or in an area where you’ll be relying on data instead.

Reduce Notifications

Sending notifications is the primary job most phones have. They alert us via various mediums like sounds, lights, and vibrations about the latest news, messages, social media posts, comments, and more. But it does not come without a cost.

All your notifications are chipping at your battery power bit by bit. Use notifications and alerts for only the most important apps. Shut down on alerts on all the remaining ones. (You might even have some mental health benefits from this one!)

Turn Off Background Apps

Most people don’t realize it, but many apps have permission to run in the background even when you’re not using them. Search for these apps by checking the battery settings on your phone and take away background permissions from unnecessary ones. This will reduce your battery consumption substantially.

Disable AutoSync

Automatic syncing is great for apps that need to be up to date continually. But it does eat up a lot of power, so you’ll want to sync manually instead if your phone is dying quickly.

Update Your Apps

You might not need to buy the latest phone every time a new model comes out (in fact, it’s not recommended), but you should be updating your apps. Outdated apps and operating software tend to suck your battery power due to unresolved bugs and issues. Make sure that you have the latest versions installed.

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