Benefits of PoE IP Cameras For Outdoor Surveillance

Outdoor surveillance is undeniably essential for any business or home, especially areas with high crime rates. When selecting a CCTV camera for your property, you’ll have two options: IP or analog. IP cameras, or Internet Protocol cameras, are best for deploying large, high-end, scalable surveillance systems, while analog is more common for small-scale operations.

IP security systems use PoE or Power-over-Ethernet technology. They can be wired with both Cat 5 and Cat 5 Ethernet cables for power supply and data transmission, and they’re easy to set up. Being simple to set up also translates into scalability, which is perfect for growing operations.

Best PoE IP Surveillance Features

When installing security systems for your home or building, you should always go for the best without compromise. If the worst happens and you skimped on protection, you’ll regret it.

PoE IP cameras are superior to analog cameras in many ways. In analog cameras, for example, the video is fed to a Digital Video Record (DVR), whereas in PoE IP, the system transmits and receives data via an Ethernet cable. The ethernet connection provides:

– Capability for clear, stunning 4K video quality

– Long-range infrared light that captures HD footage even at night

– IP66 waterproofing, which ensures cameras keep functioning even in extreme weather

– Instant motion detection

– Wide-range monitoring and long-range zoom ability

– Embedded video analytics

1) Remote Monitoring

Since PoE IP cameras are intended for large-scale monitoring, they’re designed to make remote monitoring a breeze. The footage is usually fed to a single system for easy viewing. If it’s hosted on a cloud server, you can view the footage from anywhere. You could view live footage of your property from another continent, and some models will even allow you to control the cameras in this manner.

2) Scalable

You can extend the reach of your PoE IP security system with PoE switches. A PoE switch has multiple ports that allow you to connect dozens of ethernet channels with easy. Not only does this make scaling up a snap, but it also reduces complexity.

PoE IP surveillance systems also make customization simple. You can easily install different types of cameras, such as domes, professional boxes, hidden and wireless cameras. All you need to do is connect each channel to the PoE switch(es) to get them up and running.

3) Reliable And Safe

PoE IE cameras are made for industrial and large-scale use, which means that they have to be reliable. They have a lower chance of issues with overheating, overloading, or power oversupply, and you can even back up your system with an interrupted power source. In short, after installing, you can have true peace of mind.

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