Monthly Archives: October 2020

Why You Need Surge Protectors

Surge protectors—most people own at least one, but few know why they’re so important. Many confuse surge protectors with power strips, and while they share functionality, this can be a costly mistake. Surge protectors, or surge suppressors, protect your electronics against damage caused by power surges. Power strips offer no such protection. If an expensive electronic […]

Annual 20/20 Award

This week, we are proud to present our annual 20/20 Award. The elite 20/20 Award is achieved by growing a minimum of 20% in volume with at least 20% of Edge Group’s Preferred Suppliers. Congratulations to Hutch and Son, Inc. on receiving the 20/20 Award!

Annual Member Awards

This week, we are proud to present the annual Edge Member Growth Awards celebrating the 5 members who experienced the greatest growth in a 12 month period. Congratulations to Orvac Electronics; Certified Alarm Distributors, LLC; Group One NW, Inc.; Accessotronik & with the largest growth, we applaud Electronics Supply Co., Inc.