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Supplier Spotlight: Pomona Electronics

Today’s supplier spotlight will cover Pomona Electronics, an Edge supplier from Everett, Washington and a subsidiary of the Fluke Corporation. For more than 50 years, they have supplied both distributors and end-users alike with their extensive library of test and measurement devices. Although it originated as a radio and television service company, Pomona Electronics has […]

Supplier Spotlight: Pelco by Schneider Electric

This supplier spotlight will cover Pelco, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric and the driving force in manufacturing for surveillance cameras and security solutions. Schneider Electric is a French conglomerate that specializes in providing solutions for the digital Internet of Things integration, energy, and automation. Of its many brands, Pelco leads their mainline camera and security […]

Supplier Spotlight: Dantona Industries

Our next supplier spotlight for the week covers Dantona Industries, Inc., an Edge supplier since 1997 specializing in battery supply and assembly. Dantona was founded on November 1st, 1988 after Sal and Don Dantona had urged their parents to start their own business. Agreeing to help, the Dantonas mortgaged their home to help get a […]

Supplier Spotlight: Philmore

For today’s supplier spotlight, we’re proud to be covering Philmore/LKG Industries of Rockford, Illinois. This supplier and its family-owned business has been a part of Edge since 2000 and has provided plenty of products and solutions. Founded by Wayne Timpe and his wife Judy, LKG Industries provides a range of accessories for power distribution, video, […]

Supplier Spotlight: NTE Electronics

Today’s supplier spotlight will cover NTE Electronics Inc., an electronic products supplier from Bloomfield, New Jersey and an Edge Group member since 1992. When NTE Electronics opened up in 1979, their inventory was small, carrying only a mix of semiconductors on hand. Now, with more than 23,000 components and 30 plus product types within their […]

Supplier Spotlight: Pan Pacific Enterprises

Today’s supplier spotlight covers Pan Pacific Enterprises, a provider of strong and reliable network and communication devices and an Edge supplier since 1999. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Pan Pacific has primarily devoted its business toward improving sections of the electronics industry by distributing essential electronic components and tools worldwide. Their approach to product design […]

Supplier Spotlight: Marinco

Across 20 brands, Power Products LLC has prioritized innovative product design for the industrial power, recreational marine, construction and electrical components market. They’ve achieved international success, reaching end-users and distributors in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Today’s spotlight will focus on two of their brands! First, we’ll look at Marinco, a dedicated Edge supplier […]

Supplier Spotlight: IC Intracom

Our supplier spotlight today covers IC Intracom, a manufacturer of both networking products and essential computer accessories. Operating for over 30 years, this Edge supplier serves both local communities and businesses worldwide. IC Intracom was founded in 1987 and is currently headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with their distribution centers and satellite facilities spread out across […]

Supplier Spotlight: Legrand

Today’s supplier spotlight features Legrand, an Edge supplier that exemplifies product versatility and a provider of power, light, and data solutions to commercial, corporate, and home environments. Across ten product lines and two collections, Legrand carries a wealth of data communications, lighting control, and residential electrical devices. They are also highly specialized in developing technology […]

Supplier Spotlight: Klein Tools

For today’s supplier spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at Klein Tools, a family-owned corporation serving professionals with premium-quality hand tools and accessories since 1857. Klein Tools was founded by Mathias Klein after moving to Chicago from Germany.  Klein made his first pair of pliers for a telegraph lineman who had brought in his broken […]