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Supplier Spotlight: M.G. Chemicals

Today’s supplier spotlight focuses on M.G.Chemicals, a supplier that specializes in lubricants, adhesives, and cleaning products for electrical equipment and components. Across the globe, many contractors and professionals within the electronics industry turn to M.G. Chemicals as the go-to manufacturer for unique and specialized protective coatings, epoxies, adhesives, RTV silicones, lubricants, EMI/RFI shielding coatings, flux […]

Supplier Spotlight: InVid Tech

InVid Tech, a provider of innovative security cameras and monitoring equipment, will be our focus for today’s Supplier Spotlight. This supplier hails from Hauppauge, NY and has been a partner with Edge since 2016. Invid Tech approaches the design of their products and services with an eye for innovation in order to consistently assure highly-satisfied […]

Supplier Spotlight: Hikvision

For today’s supplier spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, or simply known as Hikvision. They are one of the biggest suppliers of surveillance systems with a global market share of 19.5% in the surveillance industry. From grocery stores to healthcare facilities, there’s a good chance you’ll find security cameras labeled […]

Supplier Spotlight: Middle Atlantic

For today’s supplier spotlight, we’re proud to showcase Middle Atlantic Products, one of Legrand’s top-notch brands focused on developing products for commercial, residential, and security infrastructure. Middle Atlantic has been a part of the Legrand brand since 2011. Today, their products serve as powerful assets to managing A/V equipment. From enclosure racks to customizable accessories, […]

Supplier Spotlight: BES Manufacturing

Today’s supplier spotlight features BES Manufacturing, a provider of tools and supplies for wire installation and an Edge supplier since 2012. BES Manufacturing started in 1990, when CEO Bill Bergman’s patented his fiberglass fish rods. The invention’s primary use was to grab electrical wires such as telephone lines, house wires, and TV cables from behind […]

Supplier Spotlight: B&W International

Today’s supplier spotlight features B&W International, a global manufacturer headquartered at Ibbenbüren, Germany. This supplier specializes in providing bags and cases with multiple purposes, subsequently meeting the needs of various industries. With so many carrying cases in the market, it can be challenging to find a dependable one. For B&W International, their cases and bags […]

Supplier Spotlight: Energizer

Whether its handheld game systems, multimeters or electrical utility tools, our search for dedicated battery power never ends. Providing such quality power sources is a passion that drives one Edge supplier that’s grown to become a worldwide, leading manufacturer known for AA batteries. We’re proud to feature Energizer in today’s Supplier Spotlight. Long before Energizer’s […]