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HID’s Smart Card To Utilize FIDO2

In recognition of the new authentication standard developed by the FIDO Alliance, HID Global has announced a new HID Smart Card that will feature FIDO2 credentials in an effort to allow users to securely login to Microsoft Windows and other devitces. Developed by the FIDO Alliance, the new FIDO2 authentication standards build upon previous installments. […]

HID Drives Fingerprint Sensors For Latin American Banks

In response to the latest mandate asking for the deployment fingerprint technology to local banks, as issued by Mexico’s National Banking and Security Commission, HID Global has announced that it will help install sensors across the country as well as throughout other Latin American countries. The mandate stems from several Latin American agencies and their […]

HID Global’s Visitor System Improves Medical Center’s ROI

According to a recent case study from HID Global, one of the largest providers of digital credentials and access management solutions has successfully helped the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center increase their overall ROI by 90% by implementing their EasyLobby® Visitor Management System. HID Global’s EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management System serves as an upgrade from handwritten […]

EDGE Suppliers To Attend ISC West 2018

Longtime Edge suppliers and manufacturers of wire, cable, identity credentials, surveillance, and connectivity solutions are set to appear at the 2018 ISC West convention at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The convention is one of the largest security industry trade shows in the states and much of what is shown largely focuses on the […]

IdenTrust Gets Top Rank for SSL Digital Certification

HID Global, one of the largest manufacturers of identity solutions, has announced that its subsidiary brand IdenTrust has become the leading digital certification authority across the globe. Based on research results from W3Techs, a technology survey company with a focus on the SSL Certificate market, HID Global’s IdenTrust is now being used by 17.5% of […]

Monthly Roundup: March 2018

Between the Edge Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in February to the IMARK Showcase in Rosemont, IL a few weeks ago, we are excited to see all of our suppliers and members engage with one another in person, discussing the best business practices, as well as trading ideas about products and the market. Now with ISC […]

HID Launches Risk Management Solution

Identity solutions and access control supplier HID Global has launched their new HID Risk Management Solution. The platform is as a fraud and cyber threat detection service that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Using risk profiling technology and detection capabilities based on behavioral patterns found in biometrics, the HID Risk Management Solution platform […]

HID Approve Adds Facial Recognition

Identity solutions and card credentials provider HID Global has announced that its two-factor mobile authentication and verification application known as HID Approve will now be supporting facial recognition capabilities through phones such as the Apple iPhone X. HID Approve serves as the company’s authorization platform that utilizes the advanced technological security found in public key-based […]